Digital security:
the dark web comes to light.

NEWS - CRIF Cyber Observatory 2022 year report: the circulation of data in 2022 was much higher than in the past, so much so that the data found on the dark web tripled compared to the previous year Read more CRIF Cyber Observatory - 2022 Yearly Report

Where does our data circulate on the web? Is it used to commit fraud and identity theft?

White Blue Ocean helps you manage your digital security and that of your customers, through a wide range of web monitoring solutions both for personal and business customers.

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We enrich customers' experience in managing digital identity.


We prevent and protect against fraud.

Dark web & open web monitoring

We monitor the dark web and the open web to manage your digital security.

Over 1,6Million

alerts sent in 2022 related to personal data found on the dark web and on the open web, including:




The glossary clarifies the meanings of the most important terms relating to online security and cybercrime.

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Man in the middle attack

A man in the middle attack is when a bad actor intercepts communications between the victim and the entity in which they are trying to communicate with. For example the victim receives an email from what appears to be their bank directing them to the banks website. When they click on the link they are taken to a website which looks like their banks but is in fact a malicious site created by the ‘Man in the Middle’ who is the bad actor. When the victim enters their login credentials instead of logging into the banks website the credentials are being sent to the bad actor.


The rise of cyber attacks in Italy | White Blue Ocean
The rise of cyber attacks in Italy

In the last years many countries have invested deeply in digital security. Despite being world’s 8th largest economy, Italy has been struggling with the process of digitalization and is still considered as an easy target for cyberattacks. Why is it so?

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A Brief History of Ransomware | White Blue Ocean
A Brief History of Ransomware

Ransomware is continuously developing and becoming more and more sophisticated. It isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, but where did it come from? Where did it go? And how has it evolved?

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