Digital security:
the dark web comes to light.

NEWS - Record of personal data theft in 2021: 1,8 mio alerts sent related to data detected on the dark web, with a increased by +57,9% vs 2020. CRIF Cyber Observatory - 2021 Yearly Report

Where does our data circulate on the web? Is it used to commit fraud and identity theft?

White Blue Ocean helps you manage your digital security and that of your customers, through a wide range of web monitoring solutions both for personal and business customers.

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We enrich customers' experience in managing digital identity.


We prevent and protect against fraud.

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We monitor the dark web and the open web to manage your digital security.


alerts sent in 2021 related to personal data found on the dark web, including:




The glossary clarifies the meanings of the most important terms relating to online security and cybercrime.

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Spoofing is when a communication is sent disguised as being from a known and trusted source. For example, an email is sent from a false email address pretending to be from a legitimate business. It looks like a legitimate email but contains links or attachments which when opened contain malware. Malware programs can steal, encrypt or delete data as well as monitor someones computer. This can cause significant damage to the computer and network and grant someone access to personal information such as usernames and passwords.


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Data privacy and security in the healthcare sector: medical firm Dedalus fined €1.5 million for data breach

At the end of April 2022, the CNIL, the data protection authority for France, announced it had imposed a fine of €1.5 million on the medical software provider Dedalus Biology, following a significant leak of patients’ data.

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When hacking is good: ethical hackers

While talking about the ethics of hackers, the term hacker often has a negative connotation. In reality, a hacker is an extremely competent person in the IT sector who exploits his knowledge, skills and his own curiosity for helping others in order to discover the vulnerabilities of a system.

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