Digital security:
the dark web comes to light.

NEWS - CRIF Cyber Observatory 2023 year report: the circulation of data in 2023 was much higher than in the past. It is estimated that data found on the dark web increased by 44.8% compared to the previous year Read more CRIF Cyber Observatory - 2023 Yearly Report

Where does our data circulate on the web? Is it used to commit fraud and identity theft?

White Blue Ocean helps you manage your digital security and that of your customers, through a wide range of web monitoring solutions both for personal and business customers.

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We enrich customers' experience in managing digital identity.


We prevent and protect against fraud.

Dark web & open web monitoring

We monitor the dark web and the open web to manage your digital security.


reports for data recorded on the dark web and on the open web in 2023, including:




The glossary clarifies the meanings of the most important terms relating to online security and cybercrime.

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Credential Reuse

This is based on the assumption that people use the same password across multiple websites. When data containing users login details has been stolen from a streaming website for example, a bad actor will attempt to use those login details on other websites which can potentially give them access to even more sensitive data.


CL0P Like to MOVEit MOVEit

In May 2023 a vulnerability in the MOVEit file transfer application resulted in data from thousands of organisations being stolen by the ransomware group known as CL0P, in a ransomware attack that could affect hundreds of millions of people.

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Chat Bots Aren't Your Friends, So Don't Spill The Tea

Chatbots have been around for years already, but in the rapidly evolving landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, they have emerged as powerful tools that enhance customer service, streamline business operations, and provide personalized user experiences. However, alongside their legitimate uses, a darker side has emerged: bad actors have begun to proliferate fraudulent AI tools and chat bots.

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