What we do


What is the damage
caused by cybercrime?


No stop to the theft of personal data on the web in 2021: +48,7% users alerted compared to 2020.

// Source: CRIF Cyber Observatory 2021


48.6% of stolen accounts are linked to entertainment sites (mainly online gaming and dating), followed by forum and websites.

// Source: CRIF Cyber Observatory 2021

White Blue Ocean provides high level protection

White Blue Ocean continuously identifies new sources across both open web and dark web environments in order to increase the scope of our monitoring. Our expertise is relevant to identifying new threats and generating alerts and notifications when data and information is at risk of compromise.


Explore dark web and open web

The White Blue Ocean team is specialised in locating sources of stolen or compromised data within 'dark web' groups, forums & communities, across a large variety of technology platforms and applications, as well as using bespoke technological tools to continuously monitor the open web for exposed data.




The cyber analyst team verify all collected data using specialized tools.




Our services send alerts and give advice to customers in order to prevent fraud and protect them from identity theft.

What data about companies
and people are mainly at risk?



  • Name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Tax code
  • ID document numbers
  • Username

Fraudsters could easily misuse data in order to capture the identity of someone else and commit identity theft and fraud.



  • E-mail address
  • Phone number
  • Mobile number

Fraudsters use these data to carry out phishing/smishing attacks in order to: gather other personal information, send malware, ask for money from friends or relatives of victims.



  • Credit cards numbers
  • Bank account details
  • Home banking accounts

Fraudsters use this data to purchase goods and services online, arrange bank transfers, and move money between accounts.

Where do we

monitor for data?

Open web

& social networks

Web pages, including social networks, where our personal information may be publicly accessible.

The goal of monitoring websites is to alert the customer when they, due to the level of exposure of personal data, may be at risk of identity theft.

Dark &

Deep Web

The hidden web, where stolen data can be exchanged and sold in order to commit fraud without our knowledge.

The aim of the dark web monitoring is to intercept when customer details are stolen and/or traded and warn of potential fraud risks.



Modular Offering

White Blue Ocean services are delivered via the platform owned by CRIF and via API.

  • These services can be offered to guarantee a high level protection against cyber risk, increase consumers' loyalty or in response to a data breach event.

  • ID Protection for individuals

    We provide continuous monitoring of individuals’ identities. We’ll detect illegal trading of your personal, financial, and contact information, providing effective monitoring. We protect you from identity fraud and financial fraud by sending you alerts in case your payment details, personal and contact details are exposed and at risk.

  • Business data monitoring

    We serve the SME market providing a monitoring service of all the data which can put a business in danger – such as corporate accounts, corporate credit cards and corporate emails. We help your business to protect corporate account details in order to avoid fraud and reputational damage to your brand.


    We monitor the circulation of BINs (Bank Identification Number) on the dark web and warn if the cards issued are at risk of fraud. In order to prevent fraud, for card issuers it is fundamental to know if any credit card issued is circulating on the dark web. Moreover, it is essential for a merchant to know whether credit cards used for online purchases on their platform are potentially at risk of fraud.

  • Password Checker

    We protect your accounts with a dedicated service informing you if a password is already compromised on the dark web. This service can help you to define a strong and safe password.