Understanding VPNs: what they are, and what they can (and can't) offer

Online privacy has become an important topic of conversation now that we are more interconnected through the technology than ever. The desire to keep information secure, has led to a significant increase in the use of VPNs across the world.

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Making the Internet a safer place to navigate | Safer Internet Day

The Safer Internet Day, celebrated this year on the 8th February, is critical to recognise the cyberthreats faced by minors in their daily online activities.

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Celebrating Data Protection Day's 16th Anniversary

Everything we do online through our smartphones, tablets and personal computers produces data that can be collected by websites and businesses

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The Best and Worst Films about Cyber Security

Cyber Security lessons can be learned from films, television programmes and documentaries.

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Italy under cyberattack

December was not an easy month for Italy in terms of cybersecurity. Several cyberattacks, targeting private companies, public healthcare services, and city administration services, wreaked havoc across the country.

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Log4Shell Vulnerability

On the 9th December 2021 a critical zero day vulnerability was publicly disclosed, found in a widely used Java library (a library of ready-made code packages that programmers can use for solving common issues) known as Log4j.

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Ransomware in 2021: a growing global threat

Ransomware is not a new threat, but in recent years it has grown so exponentially that it has become one of the most prominent global threats, not only in the digital world but in the physical one as well.

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Online shopping scams: how to protect yourself and your money in the holiday season

During the holiday season, online shopping becomes increasingly popular and incurs in a significant spike. While online shoppers browse the internet for the best offers on their product of choice and on gifts for their loved ones, cybercriminals are lurking, waiting to target unsuspecting online shoppers and steal their money and personal information.

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