CRIF Cyber Observatory - 2022 Yearly Report
CRIF Cyber Observatory - 2022 Yearly Report

Credit cards are in the sights of cyber criminals Over the past year, more than 1.6 million alerts were sent relating to data found on the dark web. Alerts relating to phone numbers combined with first and last names on the rise: +4.4%. The majority of hacked accounts relate to entertainment (mainly online gaming and dating) (37.2%), but breaches of social media accounts increased significantly (+125.8%).

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Learn how to Secure your WiFi Network
You Need to Secure your WiFi Network

Home networks are an essential part of all our lives, however, a network that is not properly secured can put your personal and financial information at risk, as well as open doors for cyber criminals to access and exploit other devices on your network.

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Why do data leak marketplaces persist | White Blue Ocean
Why do data leak marketplaces persist?

In February 2022, the popular hacking forum and data leak marketplace RaidForums (known simply as RF) was seized by the FBI, and the creator of the website was charged with various counts of fraud and identity theft after running the website for 7 years. A few weeks later Breach Forums, or Breached, popped up and started to gain traction in the hacking community This raises two questions; ‘Will there always be some form of data leak marketplace?’ and ‘For what reasons do they persist even when there are serious repercussions for those creating them?

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Learn more about ChatGPT and the rise of AI in cybercrime
ChatGPT and the rise of AI in cybercrime

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool developed by OpenAI that has the ability to generate human-like text. It has genuine real-world applications, and its creators believe it could soon completely reshape the structuring and operation of modern businesses. While this tool can already be used for a variety of purposes, including language translation and content creation, it also presents potential dangers when fallen into the wrong hands.

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The Dangers of Deepfakes | White Blue Ocean
The Dangers of Deepfakes

A deepfake is a video or image produced by a neural network that attempts to perfectly capture the likeness of someone else. Similar technologies have been used by film production companies to recreate the likeness of actors, for example in Lucasfilms' CGI Carrie Fisher and Peter Cushing. However, Deepfakes also represent a real threat to businesses as a vishing technique - phishing using voice and video...

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Become Hack-Proof with Cyber Hygiene
Become Hack-Proof with Cyber Hygiene

it has become essential to practice good cyber hygiene in order to avoid falling victim to scams and attacks. Today we will be going through some of the best practices which you should be doing to keep yourself safe online.

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Top 5 Ransomware Attacks of 2022 | White Blue Ocean
Top 5 Ransomware Attacks of 2022

Ransomware attacks show no signs of slowing down. Discover 5 of the most severe attacks that occurred in 2022.

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Password Security - how to protect your digital footprint
Password Security

In this day and age of ever growing utilisation of, and reliance upon, digital platforms and apps our digital footprint can only grow. As a result of this, it becomes more and more important that we all practice good password hygiene. A secure password significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to our accounts and devices, keeping our personal information secure

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